Friday, 25 July 2014

Friday I'm In Love

Hey Peeps!

Long time no blog (again). There has been lots and lots going on here on this sleepy little island and it's all been fab! There have been "Not Round The Island Race" garden parties, Uncle's 60th birthday shenanigans, Book Club meetings, London visits, Comic Con visits, Parental visits and a new boy! Oh yes lots and lots......I'm knackered!

So this week I thought I would share my love of all things Michael Miller.....
Paradise Island / Spring Fling
Park Landscape / Tropical Madness
.......aren't they beautiful? Paradise Island is the only one of these prints that I don't have in my stash but I need want it....sooooo pretty, I believe it's a border print which I love and I'm very very tempted I think it would make an awesome maxi dress/playsuit. I have three yards of Spring Fling in my stash and I'm trying to find a sundress pattern to pair it with, I love the minty green background so much. Park Landscape is such a pretty fabric and I've loved all the dresses I've seen made with it, I'm thinking for myself I might make a peplum top and matching skirt set as I'm really liking the co-ords I've been seeing recently. The last one is Tropical Madness and it's definitely a border print (I have three yards in my stash) which is soooooo pretty I'm thinking a maxi dress with a black waistband and white bodice meaning I can use the whole three yards for piecing together some kind of swishy skirt! So many plans.......must actually sew some of them up!

Friday, 13 June 2014

Friday I'm In Love

Hey Peeps!

Living by the sea has clearly rubbed off on me and todays fabric selection has a decidedly nautical theme....
Land Ahoy / The Deep Deep Depths
Ocean Map / Lobster Pot Blue 
.....aren't they gorgeous? I stumbled across the first fabric whilst looking for map print fabric on eBay and it really caught my eye, it's such a pretty colour and I love the little pops of red. This next fabric is another Spoonflower gem. I was looking for octopus fabric (the octopi joke is something my bestie and I have been messing about with for years.....octopi really do learn faster than she does), I'm not sure what I'm going to make with it yet but I know it's going to be the "I Am Not An Octopus" dress when it's finished! The Ocean Map fabric initially attracted me because of the colour, from a distance it looks almost solid but as you get closer you can really see the details. The final fabric is just awesome.......I need it.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Friday I'm In Love

Hey Peeps!

This Friday's fabric round up consists of these four gorgeous designs....
Globe / Glow In The Dark Stars
Liberty Lodden Lawn / Floral Cotton Lawn

.......I first saw this Globe print fabric on Roisin and fell in love, I'm not 100% sure what I'm going to do with it myself but I love it. I bought myself some glow in the dark PJ's last year and have been looking for some starry glow in the dark fabric for a dress for ages. I really like this one, I'm thinking a KB V neck dress with glow in the dark bias binding. I saw this Liberty lawn when I was at Liberty's last Christmas (I went to stare at the pretties whilst pressie shopping) I immediately knew I wanted to make a jumpsuit using the KB trouser pattern and the By Hand London Anna V neck bodice but at £22 a metre I walked away. The £13.50 price tag is still expensive but so much more affordable. Lastly this pretty tropical print lawn would make a gorgeous summer dress, I'm really loving these Hawaiian style fabrics at the moment.

I've been sorting through my wardrobes recently trying to reduce the amount of stuff I own (there is a lot of stuff), one of the things I seem to have loads of but never wear are my slogan tee's. Some of them I bought myself and some were gifts but all of them are brilliant. I know I won't ever wear them again and I don't want to get rid of any of them so I thought I would turn them into a quilt top. Here are just some of my collection....
.......I've never made a quilt top before but I think this will be fun, I'm planning on picking Mum's brains when she is back here this July (Mum is an awesome quilter). I recently saw some amazing faux fur fabric in John Lewis which was 150cm wide so I was thinking I could get a 150cm square and use that as the back. Technically it won't be a proper quilt but you get the idea. I've got another "fancy front/geeky back" quilt planned too but that's a secret. What do you do with loved items of clothes that you know you just won't wear anymore?

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

A Real Anna

Hey Peeps!

It's no secret that I love the By Hand London Anna dress, I've made six now. I've been wanting to make a maxi version for ages but after trying out the Anna skirt and not loving it on me I was a bit unsure how I'd like the maxi version. I've recently discovered Swedish Tracing paper (many thank to Tilly and the Buttons) so I used this to trace the pattern again but I graded it out from the size 8 to the size 16 at the hips. Once I'd cut it out I then pinned the pattern pieces together to see how the skirt looked and I loved it.

I'd been hunting for some blue and yellow rose print fabric for ages and for some reason Google threw this.....
......up as a choice! There is a teeny bit of blue and yellow (I'm still looking for blue and yellow rose print if you know of any?) but not what I had in mind. Still I was rather taken with it so I ordered the last four meters from Shan's Fabrics knowing that it would make the perfect maxi Anna. Here she is....
.....and I love her! I'm calling this my Apocalypse Nowish dress (I was watching season four of Angel while I was making this, Lorne is my favourite). This is almost totally a By Hand London Anna the only KB addition I made was adding a waistband , I just like how it looks (plus no worries about all the seams matching up!). I went with the one thigh high spilt at the level suggested on the pattern which I think is a little high but if you've got it flaunt it! (Considering how much I hate my legs I do make a lot of dresses that show them off, not sure what that says about me?)
I used some more new to me techniques to finish off this dress including machine finishing the sleeves without the stitching showing on the outside which I got from the Coletterie and attaching the lining to the zip by machine which I got from Sewaholic. I was going to attempt to hem this with a blind stitch but chickened out and did it by hand in the end! All the skirt pieces were finished with a french seams except for the back and the thigh high split, for those I used this lovely yellow bias binding that I got for Tatty's PJ's. I like that there's a little flash of yellow every now and then when I walk. Considering how unsure I was about this skirt type I'm totally in love with it now and I can imagine lots more in my future. Mmmmmmm a whole wardrobe of Anna's!

I did try to talk some proper outfit pictures as I wore this dress at the first available opportunity.....this months book club meeting but I discovered that my camera and phone are no longer friends! For some reason I couldn't get the connection established which lets me use my phone as a remote which is how I've been taking pictures up until now. I didn't have time to faff about with timers so I decided to take these pictures instead.

I'd also like to announce that Wendy from The Vintage Pattern Files is the winner of the Pattern Pyramid. Congratulations! Drop me a message with your address and I'll get the patterns sent off to you.

Saturday, 31 May 2014

This Week I Have Been Mostly.....#11

Hey Peeps!

Today we finally had all the tiling done in the master bedroom and bathroom and it looks awesome! It's getting so close to being done, there is a really long list of finishing jobs but the jobs themselves are, for the most part, small so I am hopeful that it will all be completely finished for the Parentals return in six weeks!

Other than that it's been a rather enjoyable week.....
Chiana resting "comfortably" / Sunbathing lizards / PJ's for Moi!
Maxi Anna / Radioactive Chi / Chi making herself comfy in the spot I just left
Kingfishers Catch Fire / SuperChi / Bookclub nosh
......I've been sewing, playing with Chi and hosting a book club party/meeting which was a lot of fun. Tomorrow I'm off to B&A's for roastie beast which I am very much looking forward to.

In other very exciting news Little Bother and Big Bird got the keys to their very own house this weekend which is so amazing! I'm heading up next week to help unpack/celebrate and I can't wait to see the place. Awwwwww Baby Bother is all grown up....kinda.....!

Friday, 30 May 2014

Friday I'm In Love

Hey Peeps!

Some more (MOAR!) fabric love this Friday and a few other fabulous things I've come across this week. Starting off with this lot....
Wana'oa / Anchor Gingham
Butterfly Clusters / Halloween Bewitched
.....the Wana'oa cotton fabric is totally gorgeous in both the black and cream colour ways (yes I want them both) they would both look awesome as Maxi Anna's! Barkcloth Hawaii is one of my favourite fabric shops they are totally lovely, so helpful and the fabrics themselves are gorgeous. I'm completely in love with this Gingham Anchor print and I'm thinking a KB dress using some yellow polka dot bias binding I have. I saw this butterfly print on blog post recently with a really interesting dress but I stupidly didn't bookmark it....gah! I have a thing for butterfly fabric so this definitely needs to work it's way into my stash. Finally it's another Alexander Henry Pin Up print this time Halloween beauties ....*le sigh* gorgeous?? I need this (honestly I NEED it!) to add to my Pin Up Girl clothing collection.

Moving away from the fabric fixation (I'm running out of storage space, must sew faster!) whilst browsing Instagram this week I came across this beautiful image.....
....... from the Isle of Wight account. Isn't it gorgeous and it just so happens to be where I live now! I can't wait for the sun to properly come out this Spring mainly so I can start wearing all the cotton dresses I've been sewing but also so I can start running (read that as wheezingly trot) again. Little Bother took me on a run right along the coastal path in this picture and I sort of started enjoying it....sort of. All the villagers think I hate him as I would curse him with whatever breath I had left the entire way but it is good for me...I think.

Finally did you see the post on organising your patterns over on Coletterie this week? How clever! I love that you can have every pattern you own on hand when fabric shopping. Most times I will go shopping with a specific pattern in mind but you never know when inspiration will strike and it'd be great to know that you have all the length requirements right at your fingertips.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Totally Awesome Rhianasaur

Hey Peeps!

So my niece aka Small Girl Type Creature turned eighteen years old on the 2nd of May.....what!?!? Eighteen?? When I asked if she would like a dress for her birthday she said she would so I started planning. About three years ago my Mum gave her some beautiful dupioni silk for Christmas which she had brought home from Saudi.....
......and it's gorgeous, lovely to work with (I'm glad to be getting some more practise in as I will be making Big Birds wedding dress out of this material.....EEEEP!) and soooooo beautiful. Dupioni silk is often woven with differing colours of threads scattered through the warp and weft which gives the fabric an iridescent effect this one has black and red.

When I was deciding what to make I roped in Big Bird (SGTC's Mum) for some advice and we thought that the By Hand London Elisalex would be prefect. I already had SGTC measurements from her Deer and Doe Belladone Christmas dress (it's the most awesome Star Wars print....I must get some more pictures of that so I can share it with you) and luckily she fit's exactly into a By Hand size too so I traced it out and started cutting......
....the whole dress came together very quickly which was good because in usual Siân fashion I left it to the day before I needed it to start (really need to work on that). By the end of the evening all that was left to do was hem the sleeves and skirt to her desired length so I took it up to London but unfortunately I didn't get to fit it on SGTC as we were staying so far apart from each other, boo. I shall be seeing her very soon though (I hope).

I've christened this dress the "Rhianasuar" when I first finished it I wasn't 100% sure if I loved it or it was way too much......
.....but after to speaking to Papa and Big Bird I've decided it's totally awesome and I need one for myself! Luckily Mum has given me quite a few lengths of different coloured dupioni silk over the years and I've only used two so far (that is actually green on the left!).....
......both of these dresses are the Butterick Retro B6582 which I love, both with the full skirt and the pencil skirt (I have plans for another pencil skirt version with some gorgeous brocade Mum gave me). I now have these colours of the dupioni left..... well as a length of black which Mum bought me for my birthday this year. I'm thinking an Elisalex all of my very own with the orange but I'm not 100% sure about the blue and black, any suggestions? Now all I need is somewhere to wear all these fancy dresses!